Can Team Collections and Information

Save Your Aluminum Cans!
Collect aluminum cans to benefit Faithful Friends

Thank you for your interest in donating aluminum cans to Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary. Please be sure that all cans being donated are rinsed thoroughly (soda cans, cat food cans, etc). It is a requirement for us when we turn them in.


Only aluminum cans are accepted. Steel cans (soup cans, vegetable cans, etc) and plastic bottles cannot be accepted at this time. If you are unsure as to whether or not your cans are aluminum or steel, use the “magnet” test. If a magnet sticks to your can, it is steel, and therefore, cannot be donated for this fundraising opportunity.

Aluminum Can Drop-Off Sites

WEST END PLAZA (all hours drop-off) – on the Belk side of the old Mall

THE HUDSON-MILLER-TATUM VFW POST #3006 (all hours drop-off) – 1200 Brenner Avenue, Salisbury

THE GARDEN GREENHOUSE (drop-off during business hours) – 4070 Woodleaf Road, Salisbury

SPEEDWASH LAUNDRY MAT #3 (drop off during business hours only) – 1337 West Innes Street, Salisbury

CRITTERS CARDS AND GIFTS (drop off during business hours) – 125 S. Main St, Salisbury

FAITHFUL FRIENDS ANIMAL SANCTUARY – 220 Grace Church Road, Salisbury

Our can team has been an incredible resource throughout the community in fundraising for the sancutary’s needs. In the last couple of years however recycling prices have been dropping, making it more important than ever for us to receive all your can donations! Keep scrolling below for all of our collection informatoin to find out the best way for you to help.

As you can see below, the prices between then and now have changed significantly. It now takes 515 cans collected to earn just $5.25.

If you would like to help, but don’t have cans to contribute, use the PayPal link below to donate directly. A $5.00 donation covers almost 500 cans and a $10.00 donation is as much as us collecting almost 1,000! We appreciate any and all amounts, thank you!